The R22 Freon Leak Repair is crucial to ensuring the proper functioning of HVAC systems. R22 Freon has been phased out and outlawed since 2020 due to its harmful impact on the environment, making it essential to address any leaks promptly. In this case study, we will discuss a recent project by America’s Home Services that focused on R22 Freon Leak Repair.

R22 Freon Leak Repair Phoenix AZ

Homeowner's HVAC Unit Complaint Assessment

A homeowner reached out with a complaint that their HVAC unit was not cooling effectively. Upon arrival, our technician found that the system had a significant Freon leak, causing the indoor evaporator coil to freeze completely. The HVAC unit was a staggering 24 years old and still operated with the old R22 Freon, which is no longer available legally.

Recommended R22 Freon Leak Issue Solutions

Our technician recommended the following steps to address the issue:

  • Repairs, totaling $1,725, were essential to restoring functionality.
  • Adding Stop Leak with dye for $525, though a temporary solution, was suggested to mitigate the leak temporarily.
  • Adding up to 3 lbs of R22 Freon for $1,200 was necessary to bring the indoor coil temperature above 32 degrees, preventing further freezing and ensuring the compressor's proper functioning.

Achieving Effective R22 Freon Leak Repairs

The technician proceeded with the recommended actions, which included repairs, applying stop leak with dye, and adding the required R22 Freon. These measures successfully restored the HVAC unit's functionality, achieving a 30-degree temperature split.

R22 Freon Leak Repair in Phoenix AZ

Our Effective Client Communication and Practical Advice

Throughout the process, our technician maintained clear communication with the client. They informed the homeowner about the temporary nature of the stop leak solution and the lack of warranties on both the stop leak and Freon due to the nature of the repairs.

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