Lennox AC Repair plays a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable living environment, especially in the hot Arizona climate. In recent times, America’s Home Services has undertaken a notable Lennox AC Repair project, demonstrating its expertise in addressing HVAC issues.

AC Repair in Chandler AZ

Homeowner's Lennox Units Complaint Assessment

The homeowner raised concerns about their 4-year-old Lennox units. The downstairs unit struggled to maintain the desired temperature, only cooling at approximately 50%, with extremely low-temperature splits. To address this, our technician hooked up gauges to assess refrigerant levels, subcooling, and superheat. It was discovered that the unit was critically low on charge, suggesting a potential Freon leak within the system. Unfortunately, these Lennox units are known to have Freon leak issues. Furthermore, both condenser coils were heavily soiled and required annual acid cleaning and treatment. To obtain accurate pressure readings on the downstairs condenser coils, the technician had to perform a thorough cleaning. Recognizing the dire condition of the upstairs unit's condenser coils, they included their cleaning as well. In addition, a stop leak dye with R410a was added to address the potential Freon leak issue. It's important to note that no warranty was provided for the stop leak or Freon due to the possibility of re-leakage if the sealer didn't hold. After implementing these recommended repairs, the unit now cools in line with manufacturer specifications, boasting a 5–6 subcooling and a 21-degree temperature split upon departure. The job was completed, with the following services rendered:

  • Stop Leak Sealer With Dye (No warranty on stop leak)
  • Refrigerant R410a Up To 4 lbs (No warranty on Freon)
  • Condenser coil cleaning and treatment (Only charged for one unit's coil cleaning, but both were cleaned)

The customer was advised to schedule yearly maintenance and cleanings for both systems. A credit card fee was also included, considering the customer's multiple properties.

Recommended Action after Lennox AC Repair

The technician's recommended actions included:

  • Assessment of refrigerant levels and addressing the low charge.
  • Comprehensive cleaning and treatment of dirty condenser coils for both units.
  • Application of stop leak dye with R410a to potentially resolve the Freon leak issue.
  • Strong advice for the customer to prioritize annual maintenance and cleanings for both systems.

AC Repair Chandler AZ

Achieving Effective Lennox AC Repair

Our technician sprang into action, cleaning those dirty coils, adding the stop leak dye with R410a, and making sure everything was in tip-top shape. After these recommended repairs, the unit was cooling to manufacturer specifications with a fantastic 5-6 Subcooling and a 21-degree temperature split. 

Our Effective Client Communication and Practical Advice

Our technician meticulously followed through with the recommended actions, ensuring the coils were clean, and the refrigerant issues were addressed. This careful approach resulted in a fully operational cooling system, with improved efficiency and performance.

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