Ensuring a comfortable and cool living space is crucial, especially during Sun City's intense summer heat. This case study examines how America's Home Services solved a major problem for a homeowner in Sun City – their broken air conditioning unit. We will look at the importance of dependable cooling systems and the approach America's Home Services took to meet this need, including providing an HVAC System Unit Estimate in Sun City, AZ.

Service Call Description:

When the homeowner contacted America's Home Services, their complaint was clear-cut – the upstairs AC unit was failing to deliver cold air, and the AC compressor remained unresponsive. The situation was concerning, as the compressor was attempting to start with a staggering 72.9 amps, which indicated a severe problem. To diagnose the issue comprehensively, the technician employed an ohm meter to examine the compressor's windings, revealing a fault in the red winding. Adding to the complexity, the AC unit was more than 13 years old and relied on the outdated R22 Freon, which had been phased out and prohibited by the EPA.

HVAC System Unit Estimate Sun City

Recommended Actions:

In the face of this challenging scenario, the technician took immediate action to resolve the issue. They initiated a temporary repair by installing a start relay and a new run capacitor, hoping to kickstart the compressor. Regrettably, this makeshift solution did not yield the desired results. However, the technician chose not to charge the homeowner for the parts used, only billing them for the labor.

Execution and Results:

Despite the initial setback, the technician persisted in their efforts to provide a cooling solution for the homeowner. They presented two viable options:

Option 1:

  • Install a Trane Brand 2.5 Ton Split Attic Gas unit featuring a 14.3 SEER rating and backed by a 10-year warranty.
  • Replace the 3 Ton Split Garage Gas unit with an identical model.
  • The combined cost for both units would amount to $18,650.

Option 2:

  • Opt for an upgrade with a Trane XLI7i Variable Speed and 2-stage system, equipped with a 12-year compressor warranty and a 10-year parts warranty.
  • Install a 3 Ton Split Attic Gas unit, paired with a corresponding 3 Ton Split Garage Gas unit.
  • The total investment for both units would be $25,300.

Additionally, America's Home Services extended the convenience of financing through Wells Fargo, offering flexible payment options to the homeowner.

Client Communication and Advice:

Transparent communication was pivotal in this process. The technician diligently communicated the available options to the homeowner, elucidating the benefits of each. They provided a comprehensive breakdown of the pricing, warranties, and financing choices, ensuring the homeowner had a complete understanding of the available avenues.

HVAC System Unit Estimate in Sun City


In the realm of home services, the role of a dependable cooling system cannot be overstated, especially in a locale as hot as Sun City. America's Home Services demonstrated unwavering commitment by going the extra mile to assist the homeowner. They offered professional guidance and a spectrum of options to address the AC issue effectively, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Trust America's Home Services for Your Cooling Needs

Should you find yourself grappling with cooling woes? America's Home Services in Sun City AZ. stands ready to be your trusted partner. Their dedication to customer contentment, proficiency in tackling cooling-related challenges, and commitment to transparent and effective communication make them the ideal choice for ensuring a cool and comfortable home environment. Trust America's Home Services to keep you cool and comfortable – even on the hottest days!