Evaporator and condenser acid coil cleaning is a crucial maintenance task for HVAC systems. It helps in improving the efficiency of the system and ensures that your home stays cool during the scorching Arizona summers. America's Home Services specializes in this essential service, and we recently completed a project in Scottsdale, AZ, highlighting the significance of proper coil cleaning.

Troubleshooting an Air Conditioning System

In this case, the homeowner contacted us with a complaint that their air conditioning system was not working correctly. When our technician arrived, they found that the condenser was not turning on when cooling was needed. Upon further inspection, they identified that the low-pressure switch was preventing the compressor from starting. Additionally, the current controller on the herm side had failed and needed replacement.

The technician also noticed that there was no air filter in the return, and the indoor evaporator coil was extremely dirty. This dirt was restricting airflow, causing high head pressures, and causing the compressor and fan motor to operate beyond their recommended amperage due to restricted airflow on the condenser coils. Both the indoor evaporator coil and the condenser coils required acid cleaning.

The homeowner agreed to have our technician proceed with the necessary repairs and cleaning over the phone since they were located out of state. After the technician's work, the unit was properly cooling with a 27-degree temperature split from return to supply. The job was paid and completed with no further recommendations for the HVAC system at that time. The technician also communicated with the homeowner, Janeen, by texting all relevant pictures and adjusted the thermostat to a comfortable 80 degrees for cooling since the temperature was over 100 degrees on arrival. 

Recommended Actions for HVAC System Concern

The technician recommended the following actions:

  • Replacing the failed current controller on the herm side.
  • Adding up to 3 pounds of R410a Refrigerant to the system to ensure proper cooling.
  • Performing an Evaporator and Condenser Acid Coil Cleaning to remove dirt and debris that was restricting airflow.
  • Advising the customer to install an air filter to prevent future airflow issues.

Restoring Comfort and Functionality with Efficient HVAC System Repair

The technician executed the recommended actions efficiently:

  • Replaced the failed current controller on the herm side.
  • Added the necessary amount of R410a Refrigerant to achieve the desired subcooling level.
  • Thoroughly cleaned both the indoor evaporator coil and the condenser coils using acid-cleaning methods.
  • Informed the homeowner about the importance of installing an air filter to maintain proper airflow in the future.

As a result of these actions, the HVAC system was restored to full functionality, and the home's indoor temperature became comfortable once again.

Effective Client Communication and Practical Advice

The technician communicated with the client, Janeen, by texting all relevant pictures, explaining the issues, and providing a clear understanding of the recommended actions. Janeen was advised to install an air filter to prevent future airflow problems and was provided with a detailed explanation of the work completed and the associated costs.

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