Condenser Coil Acid Cleaning is crucial to maintaining the efficiency of your HVAC system. Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate on the condenser coils, hindering their performance. Acid cleaning helps remove these deposits, ensuring your system runs smoothly.

Homeowner's HVAC System Complaint Assessment

A concerned homeowner in Sun City, AZ, reached out to us because they were experiencing a troubling issue with their HVAC system. When our technicians arrived, they observed that only hot air was coming out of the vents. The outdoor AC condenser unit was not turning on at all.

Upon closer inspection, the technician discovered that both the fan and compressor were overheating and in thermal protection mode. The voltage regulator needed replacement, as did the start assist for the compressor, which had blown out. Additionally, the condenser coils required acid cleaning to prevent the fan motor from overworking.

There was also concern about potential damage to the fan motor and compressor due to the extreme overheating. The unit in question was from 2008 and still used the old R22 Freon, which was phased out by the EPA three years ago in 2020.

Recommended Action after AC Inspection 

Our skilled technician recommended the following steps to address the issues:

  • Replace the voltage regulator.
  • Install a compressor start assist relay.
  • Perform a thorough condenser coil acid cleaning.

  • Achieving Effective Condenser Coil Acid Cleaning

    The technician promptly carried out the recommended actions. They replaced the voltage regulator and installed the compressor start assist relay. The condenser coils were meticulously cleaned using an acid solution, ensuring the removal of all accumulated debris.

    After completing the necessary repairs and maintenance, the HVAC system was tested, and it started functioning optimally once again.

    Our Effective Client Communication and Practical Advice

    Throughout the process, the technician maintained clear communication with the client. They explained the importance of the recommended actions and advised the homeowner on the potential risks of continuing to use an older unit with R22 Freon. A replacement was highly recommended due to the unit's age, Freon type, and potential compressor damage.

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