AC repair is essential to keep our homes comfortable, especially in places like Gilbert, AZ, where scorching temperatures are the norm. America's Home Services understands the significance of AC repair in maintaining indoor comfort and is committed to delivering top-notch HVAC solutions.

One recent project by America's Home Services focused on AC repair in Gilbert, AZ. This case study provides an overview of the project, detailing the homeowner's complaint, the technician's actions, recommended steps, execution and results, client communication, and advice.

Homeowner's HVAC Complaint Assessment

A homeowner in Gilbert, AZ contacted America's Home Services with concerns about their malfunctioning AC unit. The customer reported that the AC wasn't cooling properly, and the indoor temperature was uncomfortable. Upon arrival, the technician identified several issues with the AC unit:

  • The technician found a faulty dual-run capacitor and replaced it.
  • The AC unit refused to start due to a low-pressure switch and a Freon leak. To address this, the technician added a stop-leak solution and 5 lbs of R410A refrigerant.
  • Additionally, the low-voltage wiring had been tampered with, causing the yellow wire not to signal correctly. The fan only worked when the thermostat was set to 'on' instead of 'auto.' The technician temporarily solved this by hardwiring the 24 volts to the outside contractor. The unit needed to be manually shut off when it got too cold indoors.
  • Despite the repairs, the AC unit was still not functioning optimally, with a 22-degree temperature split on departure. The technician also informed the customer that there was no warranty on Freon due to its tendency to leak over time.

Recommended AC Issue Solutions

  • The technician recommended the following steps to address the AC issues:
  • Replacing the faulty dual-run capacitor to ensure proper functioning.
  • Adding stop leak solution and 5 lbs of R410A refrigerant to address the low-pressure switch issue and Freon leak temporarily.
  • Hardwiring the low-voltage wiring for temporary cooling purposes until a complete system replacement can be considered.
  • Advising the customer that due to the unit's age and the cost of repairs, it would be more economical to replace the entire AC system.

Achieving Effective AC Repairs

The technician executed the recommended actions efficiently:

  • Replaced the dual-run capacitor with a USA-made unit.
  • Added 5 lbs of R410A refrigerant with stop leak to address the low-pressure switch and Freon leak issues.
  • Hardwired the 24 volts to the outdoor contractor for temporary cooling.

As a result, the AC unit achieved a 22-degree temperature split on departure, providing a comfortable indoor environment.

Our Effective Client Communication and Practical Advice

The technician communicated transparently with the client throughout the process. They informed the homeowner about the need for repairs and explained that there was no warranty on Freon due to its tendency to leak over time. Furthermore, the technician advised the client about the unit's age and the cost-effectiveness of a complete system replacement.

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America's Home Services demonstrated its expertise in AC repair in Gilbert, AZ, by efficiently addressing multiple issues with a malfunctioning AC unit. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, transparent communication, and skilled technicians make them the ideal choice for AC repair needs in the area.

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