AC Repair and maintenance play a vital role in keeping our homes comfortable, especially in a place like Mesa, AZ, where the summers can be scorching. Regular maintenance ensures that your AC system runs efficiently, saving you money on energy bills and preventing costly breakdowns.

Recently, America's Home Services took on a challenging AC repair and maintenance project in Mesa, AZ. The homeowner faced several issues with their AC unit, and our skilled technician was there to diagnose and address the problems.

Homeowner's AC Complaint Assessment

A homeowner in Mesa, AZ, reached out to America's Home Services with a complaint about their malfunctioning AC unit. The homeowner reported that the AC unit was not cooling properly and had multiple issues. Upon arrival, our technician identified several problems with the AC unit:

  • Bad Dual Run Cap: The technician found that the unit had a faulty dual run capacitor, which was affecting its performance.
  • Low-Pressure Switch and Freon Leak: The AC unit wouldn't kick on due to a low-pressure switch issue and a Freon leak. To address this, the technician added a stop leak and 5 lbs of R410a refrigerant.
  • Low Voltage Wiring Bypass: The low-voltage wiring had been bypassed, and the yellow wire wasn't functioning correctly. The fan would only run with the thermostat set to "on" instead of "auto." To provide temporary cooling, the technician hard-wired the 24 volts to the contractor outside, with the caveat that the unit needed to be shut off at the breaker when it got too cold inside the home.

Despite these issues, the unit was cooling with a 22-degree temperature split upon departure. However, the technician explained to the homeowner that there was no warranty on Freon, as it tends to leak out over time. Based on the age of the AC unit and the cost of repairs, including fixing the Freon leak, the technician recommended replacing the entire system.

Recommended Solutions for AC Unit Issues

The technician recommended several steps to address the issues:

  • Replace Faulty Dual Run Capacitor: The technician replaced the dual run capacitor with a USA-made one, ensuring better performance and reliability.
  • Add R410a Refrigerant: To address the Freon leak, the technician added 5 pounds of R410a refrigerant, which helps cool the air inside the AC system.
  • Stop Leak to Slow Freon Leak Down: To mitigate the Freon leak over time, a stop leak product was applied.
  • Temporary Wiring Solution: Given the wiring issues, the technician hard-wired the 24 volts to the outdoor contractor for temporary cooling.
  • Replacement Recommendation: Due to the age of the unit and the repair costs associated with fixing the Freon leak and other issues, the technician recommended replacing the entire AC system.

Effective AC Solutions Implemented

The technician executed the recommended actions promptly and efficiently:

  • Replaced the defective duel run capacitor, ensuring the unit operated more effectively.
  • Added 5 lbs of R410a refrigerant and applied stop leak to mitigate the Freon leak temporarily.
  • Hard-wired the low voltage wiring to provide temporary cooling, with the caveat that the unit needed to be manually shut off at the breaker when it got too cold indoors.

The AC unit achieved a 22-degree temperature split, indicating improved cooling performance. However, the technician emphasized to the homeowner that the Freon issue was not covered by a warranty and recommended a full system replacement due to the unit's age and overall repair costs.

Client Communication and Our AC Recommendations

The technician maintained clear communication with the client throughout the process. They explained the issues with the AC unit in a straightforward manner and provided advice on the most cost-effective course of action. The homeowner was informed of the temporary solution and the need to consider replacing the entire AC system due to its age and repair costs.

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