AC inspections are crucial to ensure that your cooling system is running efficiently and to prevent potential issues. In a recent project by America’s Home Services, we focused on inspecting a 2018 Trane package Heat pump to keep it in top-notch condition.

Homeowner's 2018 Trane Package Heat Pump Complaint Assessment

A homeowner in Gilbert, AZ, reached out to us with concerns about their AC unit. They reported that the cooling was not as effective as before, and their energy bills had been steadily increasing. Our technician promptly responded to their call for assistance.

AC Inspection on a 2018 Trane Package Heat Pump Gilbert AZ

The technician conducted a thorough AC inspection on the 2018 Trane package Heat pump. Here's what they did:

Recommended Action after AC Inspection 

  • Check all electrical components and connections to ensure they are in good condition.
  • Examine amp draws on motors and the compressor while testing the microfarads of run capacitors.
  • Observe that the compressor's max amp was 13.7, running at 11.5.
  • Find that the fan motor had a max amp of 1.4, running at 1.12.
  • Notice that the blower had a max amp of 6.8, running at 3.10.
  • Check the R410a Refrigerant and found a 24-degree temperature split.
  • Record a return temperature of 57.4 and a supply temperature of 33.4.
  • Conclude that the unit was running and cooling within manufacturer specifications.

Furthermore, the technician recommended that both the evaporator coil and condenser coils needed to be acid-cleaned. This would maximize efficiency and help prevent potential failure due to air restrictions.

Achieving Effective AC Inspection 

The technician diligently carried out the recommended actions, ensuring that all electrical components were in top-notch condition. They fine-tuned the system, and here are the results:

  • The compressor and fan motor were running smoothly within specified parameters.
  • Refrigerant levels were on point with a 24-degree temperature split.
  • The unit was now cooling the home effectively, just as it should.

AC Inspection on a 2018 Trane Package Heat Pump in Gilbert AZ

Our Effective Client Communication and Practical Advice

Our technician communicated all findings to the homeowner, explaining the importance of regular maintenance and the benefits of acid cleaning the coils. They advised the homeowner on how to keep the system running efficiently and offered tips on energy-saving practices.

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AC inspection on the 2018 Trane package heat pump in Gilbert, AZ, ensured that the system was operating efficiently and within manufacturer specifications. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the coils, can help prevent future issues and lower energy consumption.

If you're in Gilbert, AZ, and need an AC inspection for your 2018 Trane package Heat pump, choose America’s Home Services. We're committed to customer satisfaction and have the expertise to handle all your HVAC needs. Stay cool!