AC inspection is crucial for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, especially in a place like Phoenix, AZ, where the summers can be scorching. It ensures that your air conditioning system runs efficiently, saving you money on energy bills and preventing unexpected breakdowns.

America's Home Services recently completed a project that highlights the significance of AC inspection. In this case study, we will delve into the details of a recent AC inspection service call in Phoenix, AZ, and outline the steps taken by our technician to address the homeowner's concerns.

Homeowner's AC Complaint Assessment

A homeowner contacted America's Home Services with concerns about their malfunctioning air conditioning unit. The technician arrived at the residence and identified several issues with the AC unit:

  • Duel Run Capacitor Replacement: The technician found a faulty dual run capacitor, which was promptly replaced to restore the unit's functionality.
  • Low-Pressure Switch and Freon Leak: After replacing the capacitor, the AC unit still wouldn't kick on due to a low-pressure switch issue and a Freon leak. The technician addressed this by adding a stop leak and 5 pounds of R410A refrigerant to the system.
  • Low Voltage Wiring Bypass: The technician discovered that the low-voltage wiring had been bypassed, and the yellow wire wasn't signaling the fan properly. To provide temporary cooling, the technician hard-wired the 24 volts to the contactor outside, with the caveat that the unit needed to be manually shut off when the indoor temperature became too cold.
  • Cooling Performance: Despite the issues, the AC unit was able to achieve a 22-degree temperature split during the service visit.
  • Freon Warranty: The technician explained to the homeowner that there was no warranty on the added Freon due to its natural tendency to leak over time.

Recommended AC Issue Solutions

Based on the age of the AC unit and the estimated cost of repairs, including addressing the Freon leak, the technician recommended that the homeowner consider replacing the entire system.

Here are the recommended actions by the technician:

  • Replacing the faulty dual run capacitor.
  • Addressing the low-pressure switch issue and Freon leak by adding stop leak and 5 lbs of R410A refrigerant.
  • Temporarily wiring the 24 volts to the contactor outside for cooling purposes due to low voltage wiring issues.
  • Advised the homeowner that there is no warranty on Freon due to its tendency to leak over time.
  • Suggested replacing the entire AC system due to its age and the cost of necessary repairs, including fixing the Freon leak.

AC Unit Repaired and Improved for Efficient Cooling

The technician proceeded with the following actions:

  • Replaced the faulty duel run capacitor to ensure the AC unit's proper functioning.
  • Added stop leak and 5 lbs of R410A refrigerant to address the low-pressure switch issue and Freon leak.
  • Temporarily wired the 24 volts to the contactor outside to provide temporary cooling.
  • Informed the homeowner about the lack of warranty on Freon and recommended considering a system replacement due to the unit's age and repair costs.

After these actions, the AC unit achieved a 22-degree temperature split, providing effective cooling.

Our Effective Communication and Practical Advice

Throughout the service call, the technician maintained clear communication with the homeowner. They informed the client about the issues discovered, explained the recommended actions in a straightforward manner, and outlined the associated costs. Additionally, the technician advised the homeowner about the lack of warranty on Freon due to its tendency to leak over time.

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