In this case study, we will delve into a recent project by America's Home Services, focusing on a crucial aspect of home comfort - the HVAC system. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) are essential for keeping homes comfortable, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Service Call Description:

One day, a homeowner in Mesa, Arizona, faced a significant issue with their HVAC system. They noticed that their unit wasn't cooling as it should. Concerned about their comfort and the impending summer heat, they decided to seek professional help.

Upon receiving the service call, America's Home Services dispatched a skilled technician to assess the situation. The technician arrived at the customer's home and immediately got to work. After a thorough inspection, they identified two critical issues.

Firstly, the ECM Variable Speed blower motor had failed, rendering the HVAC system ineffective. Secondly, they discovered a refrigerant (Freon) leak within the system.

Recommended Actions:

To address these issues, the technician recommended two potential solutions to the homeowner:

  • New Unit Install: The technician suggested installing a Trane Brand 14.3 SEER2 5 Ton Split Heat Pump Vertical Air Handler. This new unit came with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring long-term peace of mind for the homeowner. To sweeten the deal, the customer was offered a cash or check discount of $13,800. It's important to note that the unit had already been ordered from Trane, as it was the last one available in the state. However, there was a 10% restocking fee on all ordered equipment.
  • Minimum Repairs Needed: Alternatively, the technician presented the option of minimum repairs. This would include replacing the OEM motor (which had a lead time of 7-14 days) at $2,600. Additionally, the indoor evaporator coil, rusted and leaking Freon, would need replacement along with adding a new R22 Freon, costing $3,800. However, it was emphasized that due to the HVAC unit's age (over 20 years) and the use of R22 Freon, which was outlawed by the EPA in 2020, there might be damage to the compressor from running with low Freon over the years.

Execution and Results:

The homeowner decided to go for the new unit installation. With the technician's expertise, the installation was scheduled for the following day, July 28th, in the morning.

The installation process involved removing the old, malfunctioning unit and replacing it with the Trane Brand 5-Ton Split Heat Pump Vertical Air Handler. The technician ensured that all connections were properly made and that the system was running efficiently. This new unit not only resolved the immediate cooling issue but also came with a manufacturer's warranty, providing long-term assurance.

Client Communication and Advice:

Throughout the process, the technician maintained clear communication with the client. They explained the two available options, the advantages of a new unit installation, and the potential risks of continuing with repairs on an outdated system. This allowed the homeowner to make an informed decision.


America's Home Services not only successfully addressed a critical HVAC issue for a homeowner in Mesa, Arizona but also went the extra mile to ensure the client's ultimate comfort and peace of mind. Through their profound expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, they provided more than just a solution; they provided a superior experience.

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